Okay, so you just bought your dream property in The Bahamas now what? No matter where it is, it represents your dreams and a significant investment. Considering colour trends in The Bahamas could help you decide on furnishings and furniture. What goes where what colours should you use…
I recommend starting with your favourite colour or image or fabric and go from there. Colour is a major consideration at the start of any project. So what is your favourite colour?

The magazines are full of the latest colour trends, and every year companies like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams announce colour of the year. They make recommendations on how to use the colour in your home.  All colour has a formula to create the colours and tones we see. But it’s my view that every colour is unique because it is affected by light. Daylight or artificial light, morning light or dusk and the reflection from the colour next to it.

Perhaps with the exception of primary colours, the more blended or tonal the colour is, the more propensity colour has to look different when it is actually painted on the wall. For example, a pale green colour will not look the same on a wall in London as a wall in The Bahamas. As individuals, we all see and feel colour differently and so choosing a paint colour is sometimes a daunting task.

I can remember very early in my design career my partner and I, who is an Architect, had just bought our first house and by the end of our first weekend in that house, we had painted 20 different whites on the wall. It’s clear two creatives in the same house make it doubly difficult to agree on the colour!

Colour trends in Bahamian interior design come and go just like they do anywhere else. But I think each country or city has colours it is synonymous with. So, here are a few notes on Colour, Interior Design and Architecture in The Bahamas.

Bahama Blues

colour trends in The Bahamas Bahama blues
colour trends in The Bahamas Bahama blues

From an interior design perspective, it is hard to go past our beloved Bahama Blues. I would say that colour trends in The Bahamas are influenced by our turquoise sea. We are lucky to have many blues to choose from for inspiration.

The colour blue, in its various shades, have always been a popular colour trend in the Bahamian archipelago and Caribbean nations, not only for decorative purposes but also practical.

Fun Fact…

In the 19th century Southern Americans use a particular shade called ‘Haint Blue’ to ward off ghosts. With the word haint being a corruption of the word haunt. This “haint blue” first derived from the dye produced on Lowcountry indigo plantations, was originally used by enslaved Africans, and later by the Gullah Geechee, to combat “haints” and “boo hags”. These are evil spirits who escaped their human forms at night! Doorways, window frames and porches were painted blue as the color was said to trick the spirits into believing that they’ve stumbled into water which they cannot cross and protect the house.

haint blue Bahamas colour interior design

Pops of colour…

The Bahamas is also heavily influenced by our tropical landscape. From our pink flamingos to the colours of the conch shell. From the deep green leaves of the palm trees to the russet colours of the royal poinciana trees. The Bahamas is known and loved for its colourful landscape.

Traditionally our buildings are painted in pale colourful colours. Colour has been trending reflect more neutral colours, like driftwood greys, the off whites of the sand dollar and seashells. With pops of colour like our Bahama blues or conch shell pinks used for accent colours in interior concepts.

conch shell Bahamas
pops of colour in The Bahamas design
neutral colours design trends Bahamas

Coastal Whites

White in the coastal context is a brighter white, it has a beachy sunkissed feel. There are no greys in the coastal white scheme. Pops of colour either on the floor or in the soft furnishings or accessories add interest and soften the dazzling brightness. My go-to coastal white is Benjamin Moore Atrium White

Also, consider lighting levels in the coastal scheme. I like the 3000k light which has a slightly pure crisper hue. For bedrooms and living rooms consider a softer light 2700k for warmth and re. Anything higher than  3000k and you will get a very sterile room. Lighting consideration in all interior schemes is important but that is another blog.

modern whites Bahamian interior design

Photo credit: Celine, A Lot More Style & Christina Hermanns, The Straw Shack.

colour trends in The Bahamas
Interior Design credit: Amanda Lindroth
Photo credit: Celine, A Lot More Style & Christina Hermanns, The Straw Shack.
white Bahamas interior house design

Organic Neutrals…

The popularity for rattan furniture and the natural colour of straw has been a consistent favorite as a material and colour option in The Bahamas. The craft of weaving straw in The Bahamas goes back
centuries and is now having a resurgence even in the modern interior design scheme.

The Out Islands, or Family Islands as we call them, modern interior design is trending although maybe not on the Albany scale of modern. There will always be a place and love for the traditional boho casual full of texture and found objects, white and driftwood greys with earthy neutral tones of natural materials with a modern uncluttered twist.

Photo credit: @shorebreakbahamas

Nonetheless our Bahamian blue water is what blissful dreams are made of and will always be the trending colour in Bahamian interior design!

If you’d like to speak to me about interior design for your home in The Bahamas, please do get in touch. You can find my contact details here.